Kiln Lime Ltd are specialists in the bulk supply of salt and grit products. Having large storage facilities, high stock levels and a fleet of delivery and spreading vehicles, we are ideally placed to meet most demands. Additionally, we are extremely flexible and responsive and are geared up to react immediately to any severe weather events that may occur.

Snow Plough
Brown Rock Salt


Brown Rock Salt, which is also known as grit salt, rock salt or halite, is extracted from seams of rock salt that were formed millennia ago when ancient sea beds dried up and became land. A lot of brown rock salt is mined in the UK with Cheshire being one of the biggest sources. Brown rock salt has many benefits such as:

  • It is drier than white salt and is easier to spread.
  • It’s cheaper than white salt.
  • It has a smaller carbon foot print than white salt.
  • It’s mainly British mined.
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White Rock Salt comes from evaporated sea water. Salt beds are flooded and then left in the sun to evaporate in a process that is repeated until the deposit is large enough for extraction. This salt is imported from countries with higher average temperatures in their coastal regions as it is not a viable process in the UK. White salt has the following benefits:

  • Cleaner – it doesn’t leave a brown residue and so is better for pedestrian areas especially outside buildings.
  • Better appearance.
  • Can be available when brown salt levels are low.
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White Rock Salt

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